"Duel" is a two-channel video installation in which the footage is mirrored and projected by two projectors, one image on top of another. A single, loud gunshot reverberates throughout a room, and the associated smoke then slowly emerges, fills the screen and finally dissipates over a period of 5 minutes. The action repeats. 2019
"The Limits of a Function" is a 2-channel video installation. A a single sheet of paper is folded, unfolded and refolded until it falls apart, 1 hour and 36 minutes later. The video then repeats in reverse, and it becomes unclear if time is moving forward or backward; if the goal is construction of deconstruction. The images are projected adjacent to one another, and while time moves forward in one, it moves backwards in the other. This is an excerpt from half-way through the single-take video in which time is moving backwards. 2015
In "60 Seconds" a man walks in a circle, the circumference of which takes 60 seconds to traverse. The camera is at the center of the circle and pans so that the man stays in the middle of the frame. His first and last steps align perfectly so that when the video loops, the first frame seamlessly follows the last. 2011
In “Idée Fixe,” a single car of a cargo train passes through the frame from left to right. The action repeats ad infinitum. 2011

Installation view of "The Limits of a Function" and "Duel", 2019 
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